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Nuclear Protein Database (NPD)
Title: Nuclear Protein Database (NPD)
Title abbreviated: NPD
Creator: Medical Research Council / Human Genetics Unit <Edinburgh>
Abstract: The Nuclear Protein Database (NPD) is a searchable database of information on proteins that are localised to the nucleus of vertebrate cells. The NPD contains information on >1000 vertebrate proteins (mainly those from mouse and human) that are thought to, or known to, be localised to the cell nucleus. Where known, the sub-nuclear compartment where the proteins have been found are reported. Also stored is information on the amino acid sequence, predicted protein size and isoelectric point, as well as any repeats, motifs or domains within the protein sequence. Biological and molecular functions of the proteins are described using GO terms. Where appropriate, links to other databases are provided. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Biochemistry (572)
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