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Native American Ethnobotany Database
Title: Native American Ethnobotany Database
Title abbreviated: Native American Ethnobotany
Creator: University of Michigan <Dearborn>
Abstract: Native American Ethnobotany is "a database of plants used as drugs, foods, dyes, fibers, and more, by native Peoples of North America. (...) It is the result of a series of efforts over 25 years. A book based on the data base has been published by Timber Press, in Portland, OR, in 1998. (...) In the spring of 2003, substantial revisions of the database were made, revising its looks, and adding links to the US Department of Agriculture PLANTS database. This means that complete botanical information on useful plants, plus pictures, range maps, and endangered status, are immediately available. The database now contains 44,691 items. (...). This represents uses by 291 Native American groups of 4,029 species from 243 different plant families. About half of them are medicinal. This expansion of the database was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Miscellaneous nontaxonomic kinds of plants (581.6)
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Spatial coverage: North America
Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: English
Format: website; database
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Metadata update date: 2006-11-01
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