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Mouse Proteome Project - [Protein-Organelle-Database]
Title: Mouse Proteome Project - [Protein-Organelle-Database]
Title abbreviated: Mouse Proteome Project
Creator: Ignatchenko, Alexandr; Chung, Clement
Abstract: Organs and organelles represent core biological systems in mammals, but the diversity in protein composition remains unclear. Here, we combine subcellular fractionation with exhaustive tandem mass spectrometry-based shotgun sequencing to examine the protein content of four major organellar compartments (cytosol, membranes [microsomes], mitochondria and nuclei) in six organs (brain, heart, kidney, liver, lung and placenta) of the laboratory mouse, Mus musculus. Using rigorous statistical filtering and machine-learning methods, the subcellular localization of 3274 of the 4768 proteins identified was determined with high-confidence, including 1503 previously uncharacterized factors, while tissue-selectivity was evaluated by comparison to previously reported mRNA expression patterns. This molecular compendium, fully accessible via a searchable web-browser interface, serves as a reliable reference of the expressed tissue and organelle proteomes of a leading model mammal. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Proteins (572.6);
Mammals (599)
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