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Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers (IPCN)
Title: Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers (IPCN)
Title abbreviated: IPCN
Creator: Missouri Botanical Garden <St. Louis, Mo.>
Abstract: The Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers is an NSF funded project that aims to extract and index original plant chromosome numbers of naturally occurring and cultivated plants published throughout the world. A committee of voluntary contributing editors, located in various parts of the world, reviews sets of serial titles assigned to them and returns the information to the editors for collation in the Index. Chromosome indexes are published every two years. The Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers project has been based at the Missouri Botanical Garden since 1978. Data from published indexes from 1984 onward are available for consultation through this facility. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Biochemical genetics in plants and microorganisms (572.82);
Plants (Botany) (580)
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