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Index of Lichen Distribution Maps
Title: Index of Lichen Distribution Maps
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Creator: Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen e.V. <Berlin>; Botanische Staatssammlung München <München>
Abstract: The 'Index of Lichen Distribution Maps' is a world-wide database of distribution maps for lichens, lichenicolous fungi and other related ascomycetes. The project was initiated in the 1990ies. Since then scientific publications from all parts of the world are systematically scanned for distribution maps by Peter Scholz, Schkeuditz, Germany. Currently, the database contains more than 40,000 records obtained from nearly 2,000 literature sources with Unger (1836) as the earliest reference. Each record refers to one distribution map of one single taxon. Up to date, information for more than 8,000 taxa has been recorded, covering genus and species as well as taxa of infrageneric and infraspecific rank. Information for every single map (1 to 150 per taxon) constitutes map display (i. e., dot maps, grit maps, area maps and district maps), references to the geographical area covered by each map and a link to the original literature source. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Lichens (579.7)
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