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Index Fungorum - Species Fungorum
Title: Index Fungorum - Species Fungorum
Creator: CABI Bioscience
Abstract: The Index Fungorum, the world database of fungal names coordinated and supported by the Index Fungorum Partnership, contains names of fungi (including yeasts, lichens, chromistan fungi, protozoan fungi and fossil forms) at species level and below. Funding from GBIF (2003-2004) under the ECAT work programme will enable the addition of all missing author citations and year of publication and the linking of all homotypic names. New names from the Index of Fungi, compiled by CABI Bioscience and published by CABI Publishing, are added every three months. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Philosophy and theory in natural history (578.01);
Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5)
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