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FORMIS: Master Bibliography of Ant Literature
Title: FORMIS: Master Bibliography of Ant Literature
Title abbreviated: FORMIS
Creator: Wojcik, Daniel P.; Porter, Sanford D.
Publisher: USDA = United States Department of Agriculture
Abstract: FORMIS 2009 is a composite of several ant literature databases. It contains citations for a large fraction of the world's ant literature (about 45,000 references). FORMIS contains all known ant taxonomic literature (through 1996). It also contains comprehensive bibliographies of leaf-cutting ants, fire ants, and Russian wood ants. FORMIS is also the only database which covers ant literature before the 1970s. For further details please see contributions and credits. This database is designed to allow convenient searches of titles, keywords and abstracts when available (online searches or downloads). Citations from this database can be exported to create specialty databases or personal reprint indexes. FORMIS is only updated every year or two, so it is not a source for the most recent ant literature. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Introduction / Online Searches - FORMIS-2005 / Downloads - FORMIS-2008 and 2009 / Registration / Updating.
Subject: Hymenoptera (595.79);
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