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Reptile Database
Title: Reptile Database
Title alternative: EMBL Reptile Database; The New Reptile Database
Creator: Ueltz, Peter; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie / AG Systematik
Abstract: This database is intended to provide information on the classification of all living reptiles by listing all species and their pertinent higher taxa. The database therefore covers all living snakes, lizards, amphisbaenians and crocodiles. It is supposed to be a source of taxonomic data, thus providing primarily (scientific) names, synonyms, distributions and related data. However, a limited number of species accounts contain links to external sources including pictures. The database has no commercial interest and therefore depends on contributions from volunteers. It is currently supported by the Systematics working group of the German Herpetological Society (DGHT). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Reptilia (597.9)
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Language: English
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Metadata update date: 2008-02-07
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