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DALI – Database of Ascomycete Literature
Title: DALI – Database of Ascomycete Literature
Title abbreviated: DALI
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Creator: Triebel, D.; Rambold, G.
Publisher: Botanische Staatssammlung München
Abstract: DALI, a "Database of Ascomycete Literature", comprises references which pertain systematic and taxonomic studies of ascomycetes. Within that, it primarily deals with the Lecanorales, Leotiales and the ecological group of lichenicolous fungi, but includes references to pyrenocarpous, erysiphalean and mitosporic fungi as well. The database also provides access to information about molecular data relevant to ascomycete systematics. The literature is arranged in nine categories containing taxonomic, biological and methodological topics. The current database contains more than 7,000 records. The maximum numbers of hits returned per search is set to 250. Most of the references in the database have been verified, that is they have been checked for accuracy against the original. Nevertheless, typing and other errors can occur. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5);
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