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BioSystematic Database of World Diptera
Title: BioSystematic Database of World Diptera
Creator: USDA = United States Department of Agriculture / ARS = Agricultural Research Service / Systematic Entomology Laboratory
Abstract: The BioSystematic Database of World Diptera (BDWD) provides a comprehensive portal to knowledge about these dipterans as well as a framework to organize and integrate current and future data, information and knowledge. The linnaean system of names provides unique information keys within a hierarchical framework which can map our knowledge of life from a historical (phylogenetic) perspective. Unfortunately after some 250 years of research, there are now too many names, including identical names for different organisms and many different names for the same organism. More than 150,000 species of Diptera have been described under more than 200,000 names. The BDWD provides a nomenclator to find the single correct name for each dipteran. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Diptera (Flies) and Siphonaptera (595.77)
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