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Digital Library of the Real Jardín Botánico of Madrid
Title: Digital Library of the Real Jardín Botánico of Madrid
Creator: Real Jardín Botánico <Madrid>
Abstract: The digital library of the Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC) was set up because of two factors: an extraordinary wealth of documents and active research. The Royal Botanic Garden, on account of its rich and lengthy history, has a magnificent collection of antequarian botanical books. Apart from the intrinsic value of this historic and scientific heritage, the collection is constantly consulted by researchers investigating the organization and distribution of organisms, or the relationship between scientific names and the organisms they are applied to. Work began on digitalizing the antequarian books in 2003. Web design and development was finished in 2005 [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Plants (Botany) (580);
Treatments of plants by specific continents, countries, localities (581.9)
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Spatial coverage: Iberian Peninsula and adjacent islands, Spain;
South America
Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: English; Spanish
Format: website
Resource type: Access on historical literature
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2015-07-01
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