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ZFIN Atlas of Zebrafish Anatomy
Title: ZFIN Atlas of Zebrafish Anatomy
Creator: Driever, Wolfgang
Abstract: This collection of sections through zebrafish embryos at four different stages of development is thought to provide some help to understand how the zebrafish embryo looks inside. Thin section in Araldite were stained with methylene blue. Images were taken and digitized. You will find an overview image for each stage, with links (click at numbers on image) to images of the sections. You can also download high resolution images (JPEG, about 1 MB), which in most cases are good enough to zoom in down to the level of individual cell nuclei. [Information of the supplier]
Development, Anatomy
Subject: Anatomy and morphology of animals (571.31);
Reproduction, development, growth in animals (571.81);
Cold-blooded vertebrates, Pisces (fishes) (597)
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