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Muscle Physiology - Introduction to Muscle
Title: Muscle Physiology - Introduction to Muscle
Title alternative: Muscle Physiology Homepage
Creator: University of California San Diego <San Diego, Calif.>
Abstract: Skeletal muscle is a classic example of a biological structure-function relationship. At both macro- and micro-scopic levels, skeletal muscle is exquisitely tailored for force generation and movement. This page is an attempt to at least mention some of the important aspects of the basic science of the neuromuscular system, a kind of table of contents in prose. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: General Overview / The Cross-bridge Cycle / Cellular Energy Stores / Glucose Metabolism / Fat Metabolism / Creatine Phosphate / Fiber Types / Using Histochemistry to Determine Muscle Properties / Fiber Lengths / Physiologic Cross-sectional Areas / Microscopic Structure / Macroscopic Structure / Myofilament Structure / Using Laser Diffraction to Measure Sarcomere Length / Skeletal Muscle Structure / Intrinsic Properties of Muscle / Excitation-Contraction Coupling / Hypertrophy / Anabolic Steroids / Electrical Stimulation / Types of Contractions / Eccentric Induced Injury / Joint Moment Arms / Muscle-Joint Interaction/ Bibliography
Subject: Musculoskeletal system (573.7)
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