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PlantsT: Functional Genomics of Plant Transporters
Title: PlantsT: Functional Genomics of Plant Transporters
Creator: Purdue University <West Lafayette, Ind.>; Regents of University of California <Oakland, Calif.>
Abstract: PlantsT is a site dedicated to the uptake and translocation of mineral nutrients and toxic metals in plants, with the objective of identifying gene networks that control these processes. The PlantsT database is part of the Plant Genome Program for the National Science Foundation. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Resources: DB Search, Protein Families, ICP Data, Gene Chips, New Papers, Links / My PlantsT / Other Projects: PlantsP, PlantsUBQ, PKR
Subject: Circulation, food storage, excretion (575.7);
Genetics of plants (581.35)
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