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Overview of digitisation projects for historical literature

Several individual projects are advancing the digitisation of historical literature. The following overview summarises those projects that are most important from a biological viewpoint, being based on data from our internet resource guide and updated dynamically (... You will find these projects in the guide by selecting the resource type "Access on historical literature"). On the level of single digitised works there is no comprehensive catalogue available up to now; at least, titles from the projects BioLib and Animalbase, and from Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) are recorded in our Virtual Catalogue.

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Access on historical literature
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The University and State Library of Munster provides access to digitised books and periodicals from its historical collection as well as old literature and valuable collections from the Westphalia region. It started with a selection of interesting works on the history of Westphalia. The Biology Collection consisted of twelve works at the beginning of the service in October 2011. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
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Follow in the tracks of the U.S. Exploring Expedition by reading Charles Wilkes' Narrative or by exploring the scientific volumes covering such topics as ethnology, plants and animals, and meteorology. [Information of the supplier]
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The Ecology and Natural Resources Collection brings together, in digital form, two categories of primary and secondary publications: writings about research in ecology and natural resources conducted by University of Wisconsin faculty and staff; and unique or valuable titles in these fields held by the University of Wisconsin Libraries. A wide range of materials in a variety of formats including electronic facsimiles of books, manuscripts, and important serial titles will be added to the collection ... [Information of the supplier]
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This "electronic biological library" provides access to a large number of electronic publications about the fauna and flora of Russia and adjacent territories mostly from the 20th century but dating back to 1848 plus some volumes of Linnaeus' Systema naturae (some 500 titles, as of March 2013). The web site, like most of the titles listed, is only available in Russian; most titles come in djvu format. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Access on historical literatureResource type
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