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Overview of digitisation projects for historical literature

Several individual projects are advancing the digitisation of historical literature. The following overview summarises those projects that are most important from a biological viewpoint, being based on data from our internet resource guide and updated dynamically (... You will find these projects in the guide by selecting the resource type "Access on historical literature"). On the level of single digitised works there is no comprehensive catalogue available up to now; at least, titles from the projects BioLib and Animalbase, and from Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) are recorded in our Virtual Catalogue.

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Access on historical literature
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The University Library of Braunschweig’s repository offers full-text documents (including articles, preprints, electronic dissertations from the Technical University of Braunschweigh and retroactively digitised books from the Library’s special collections). Access via subject area provides access to targeted selection of biological literature. Documents encompassing botany are of particular emphasis (more than 1600 titles as of November 2008); in addition to numerous essays and retroactively digitised ... [Editorial staff vifabio]
Libraries and archives; Access on historical literatureResource type
The files listed below are from the India Office Records. They cover the following topics: botanical gardens; botanical collecting; useful plants (economic and medicinal). The material testifies to the pioneering work of surgeon-naturalists, who expended much energy in making British India a vital part in a larger process: the transmission of plants and scientific techniques and ideas around the globe. [Information of the supplier]
Access on historical literatureResource type
BUGZ is a user-friendly web interface designed to allow full-text search and retrieval of information from New Zealand’s largest compilation of invertebrate literature – the 'BUGS' bibliography (Ramsay & Crosby 1992). 'BUGZ' contains a literature database of 16,080 articles on the terrestrial invertebrates of New Zealand, published between 1775 and 1993 and provides full-text indexing of the more than 200,000 pages of text scanned from the articles of the BUGS bibliography. This massively enhances ... [Information of the supplier]
Literature databases; Access on historical literatureResource type
Charles Darwin’s Library is a digital edition and virtual reconstruction of the surviving books owned by Charles Darwin. In 1908, Charles Darwin’s son Francis transferred what he called the ‘Darwin Library’ to the Botany School at Cambridge University under the care and control of the Professor of Botany, A. C. Seward. As Francis put it, "The library of Charles Darwin has now found a permanent home in his University..." Of course the library of Charles Darwin is more than the collection of the works ... [Information of the supplier]
Access on historical literature; Personal websites / biographiesResource type
The Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) is meant to be the open market place where users can find metadata descriptions of all language resources and tools/services which we can harvest from any useful and trusted source. Currently VLO contains more than 230.000 resources and more than 400 tools already. When filtering by genre "biologie", users will find digitised biology titles in German (48 titles, as of July 2015). [Information of the supplier, modified]
Access on historical literatureResource type
This site is dedicated to the study of early herbal texts, particularly those written in German and Latin. It aims to make available research material and digital versions of important texts, among them those prepared by Peter Seidensticker, Professor emeritus of Marburg University. [Information of the supplier]
Access on historical literature; Discipline based websitesResource type
Mycological literature is extensive, diverse and often dispersed. The objective of this website is to facilitate access to that literature by providing bibliographic lists of references. The present version of the site provides extensive bibliographic information for mycological publications, most dating from the early 1800s to the 1980s, and covering many works in Russian and Ukrainian. As such, it complements other mycological bibliographic sources on the internet, which concentrate on recent literature ... [Information of the supplier]
Literature databases; Access on historical literatureResource type
The online database contains around 14500 entries which summarise the contents of all the known surviving letters written both by and to Charles Darwin. Around 5000 of those entries include complete transcriptions of the letters, taken from the published volumes of The correspondence of Charles Darwin (Burkhardt et al., Cambridge University Press 1985-). Today, Darwin's letters are in more than 200 archives and private collections in at least 20 countries around the world. Look under "provenance" ... [Information of the supplier]
Literature databases; Access on historical literatureResource type
On this site, you will find the world's first & only large collection of full colour, high-resolution images of faithfully transcribed Darwin manuscripts. These manuscripts record Charles Darwin's work as a practicing scientist. Whether you are a student or a researcher, our goal is to offer you digital access to the primary evidence for the birth and maturation of Darwin's attempts to explore and explain the natural world.(...) The AMNH Darwin Manuscripts Project is a historical and textual edition ... [Information of the supplier]
Literature databases; Access on historical literatureResource type
Users can browse the older parts of the Digital Collections of the Bavarian State Library (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, BSB) by the traditional shelf number classification. The category Physica comprises a subcategory Botany with more than 100 digitised titles available (as of March 2013), including works by Caspar Bauhin, Euricius Cordus, Otto Stapf and Nathaniel L. Britton. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Access on historical literatureResource type
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