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This interactive guide is addressed to anyone who is interested in the flora of Estonia. It includes c. 1100 plant species (out of ca 1500 species recorded from Estonia), incl. several introduced woody species which are cultivated in parks and orchards. Some plants which are difficult to separate even ... [Information of the supplier]
You can use the general search at the top of every page to find a particular fish by its scientific, common or family name or use the fish finders on the Find a fish page to locate your species of interest. [Information of the supplier, modified]
The release of Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Edition 6 (RFK6) represents another significant milestone in the development of this information system for identifying and learning about plants in Australian tropical rainforests. Each edition of the system since 1971 has made significant advances in ... [Information of the supplier]
This website provides an introduction to the identification of tree species in Germany, with a database of plant traits and numerous photographs, covering more than 500 indigenous and exotic trees. As a special help for beginners, an illustrated list of the most common trees and shrubs of Germany is available. [Editorial staff vifabio]
"Bumblebees are familiar and popular insects, but identifying and classifying the different species is complicated. Bombus (list of world bumblebees) is a checklist of all known species that assists experts with this challenge. Bumblebees are very appealing animals and over the years collectors have ... [Miscellaneous as indicated] is a website which publishes electronic monographs (interactive identification and information retrieval systems) on crustaceans at any taxonomic level. These monographs are prepared using the DELTA system and include illustrated, interactive keys to each group, plus diagnoses, descriptions ... [Information of the supplier]
Selection of morphological traits from pull down-menus allows the identification of Great Britain's about 60 fern species. Most of the species occur in Central Europe as well. [Editorial staff vifabio]
You can find interesting plants everywhere in Britain and Ireland. This site is intended to help you identify them. On the following pages you will be presented with a questionnaire on the characteristics of the plant you are trying to identify. Fill in the form and press search, the computer will then ... [Information of the supplier]
The Flora of Australia series, of a planned 60+ volumes, includes all flowering and non-flowering plants known to be indigenous or naturalised in Australia. The Flora of Australia Online database is derived from the taxonomic treatments, and live extracts represent the state of the database at the time ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
Diese Webpräsenz zur Flora der Iberischen Halbinsel (mit Spanien, Portugal und Andorra) ist zurzeit noch im Aufbau begriffen; sie bietet aber schon jetzt für sehr viele Arten umfangreiche Informationen einschliesslich detaillierter Abbildungen (welche gedruckten Florenwerken entnommen sind). Für viele ... [Redaktion vifabio]
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