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The Blattodea Species File (BSF) is a taxonomic database of the scientific names of the world's cockroaches (order Blattodea or Blattaria), excluding fossil species and the termites. Note that until recently the termites were treated as a separate order, Isoptera, but recent work confirms that they are a ... [Information of the supplier]
The Mantodea Species File (MSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's praying mantids (Order Mantodea), both of fossil and living species. It uses Species File Software (SFS), a collection of programs that provides access to and manipulation of taxonomic information stored in multiple databases. SFS ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
The aim of this website is to provide scientists working on the management of locust and grasshopper pests access to relevant scientific literature. Especially those working in developing countries often have only limited possibilities for literature searches and for obtaining publications. We hope this ... [Information of the supplier]
The Orthoptera Species File is a taxonomic database of the world's Orthoptera (grasshoppers, locusts, katydids and crickets), both living and fossil. It has full synonymic and taxonomic information for more than 25,910 valid species, 43,040 scientific names, 178,300 citations to 12,400 references, 74,900 ... [Information of the supplier]
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