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  • Search by keyword: evolution genetics
  • Not case-sensitive: evolution = EvoLuTIoN
  • Truncation: evol* geneti?
  • Search by exclusion: evolution -genetics
  • Phrase: "biochemical genetics"

vifabio’s Database Guide is a catalogue of biological online-databases. It contains more than 600 resources (as of November, 2010), most of them being available free of cost, but commercial products are registered as well. You can search for databases using words or strings of your choice (this covers the catalogued names, short descriptions, subject categories, and internet addresses of the resources - it does not cover the content of all databases, of course). Alternatively, you can browse through subjects, resource types or geographical coverage. For further information on our Database Guide, see here.

If you feel like something is missing here, please use our suggestion form and help us complete our collection.

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