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The whole variety

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The whole variety
Hits 1 - 10 of 63 was created to fill a niche on the internet. It seemed to the author a shame that a gentleman who has had such a profound influence on humanity like Charles Darwin did not have a website devoted exclusively to him. While there are a few excellent websites that touch on few aspects of Darwin’s life, none of them really get into the details of who Charles Darwin actually was, deep down on a personal level. It is the primary focus of the website to provide as much detail of the life ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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One of the main objectives of the natural history museums is an authentic presentation of science. Therefore, they vehemently reject all varieties of fundamentalism and over interpretation of scientific findings for ideological ends. On this blogsite we wish to offer information and comments about the programme of events of the German natural history museums and their partners. You will find the events programme under Other information is given in the first blog entry. [Information of the supplier, translated]
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AG Evolutionsbiologie in VBIO offers an overview page about the history of the origins of evolutionary theory and its modifications and extensions from its beginning to the present. Here, critical opinions about the whole of evolution, or parts of evolutionary theory, are mentioned (e.g. “Intelligent Design”) and extensive information about the current state of scientific knowledge is presented. [Editorial staff vifabio]
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This series of pages is a set of characterizations of all orders and families of extant angiosperms (flowering plants) and gymnosperms, i.e. all seed plants, as well as many clades grouping families and orders and some smaller clades, especially within larger families. They are designed to help in teaching seed plant phylogeny at a time when our knowledge of the major clades of seed plants and the relationships within and between them are still somewhat in a state of flux, even ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
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The Assembling the Tree of Life: Bivalvia project (BivAToL) is a part of the Assembling the Tree of Life initiative, a large research effort sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Its goal is to reconstruct the evolutionary origins of all living things. [Information of the supplier]
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Astrobiology is the study of live in the universe. It investigates the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life on Earth, and the search for life beyond Earth. Astrobiology adresses three fundamental questions: How does life begin and evolve? Is there life beyond Earth and how can we detect it? What is the future of life on Earth and in the universe? [Information of the supplier]
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An extensive, information-rich online destination for paleoanthropology: The site includes an interactive documentary, educational exhibits, research tools, and the latest news from scientists across the globe. [Information of the supplier]
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Brownie is a program for analyzing rates of continuous character evolution and looking for substantial rate differences in different parts of a tree using likelihood ratio tests and Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) statistics. A manuscript describing the method appears in the May 2006 issue of Evolution. [Information of the supplier]
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This website contains information about Charles Darwin, his evolutionist grandfather Erasmus Darwin, and the many (often not so well remembered) scientists, clergymen, atheists, philosophers, and natural historians who espoused evolutionary ideas in the century leading up to the publication of On the Origin of Species. Importantly, this site will serve as the central locus for links to the many articles and books written on evolution in the period between 1748 and 1859. [Information of the supplier]
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This website celebrates the life, work and impact of Charles Darwin. There are lots of articles about who Darwin was, what he did and why he matters. You can also read about modern case studies which showcase some of the evidence supporting Darwin's theories. Use the menu to the right to explore. This website has been put together by students from Christ's College, Cambridge - where Darwin studied. [Information of the supplier]
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