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Top Ten plus 1

On this page, the vifabio editors have compiled, from the multiplicity of internet resources, ten particularly recommendable websites on Charles Darwin and evolutionary biology. In this list you will find, alongside Darwin’s available works, pages with up to date information about the Darwin Year and presentations of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, and also resources concerning other important evolutionary biologists. Please note the page in the 11th place - it was randomly chosen from the subject pool in the vifabio internet guide. Further tips for finding other internet resources can be found here.

Top Ten

Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

The most complete collection of Darwin’s works ever published offers comprehensive search possibilities and direct online access.

Darwin Correspondence Project - Database

In the Darwin Correspondence Project there is a databank based on the contents of all letters known to date that were written to, or by, Charles Darwin and extended to analyses of subjects such as "Darwin and Religion".

Darwin200: Celebrating Charles Darwin's bicentenary

Darwin200 compiles events celebrating Charles Darwin’s scientific ideas, and their effects, within the framework of the Darwin Year 2009 (mostly in Great Britain).

Throughout the Darwin Year 2009, the portal assembles numerous articles, current news, and event dates for the German speaking world.

Understanding Evolution

"Understanding Evolution" presents the scientific content and history of evolutionary biology in an understandable manner.

Intelligent Design? A Special Report from Natural History Magazine

In this report, the views of the advocates of Intelligent Design are compared with replies from the viewpoint of the proponents of scientific evolutionary theory.

Wallace Collection - Natural History Museum

Alfred Russel Wallace co-discovered the theory of evolution; the Wallace Collection is a collection of digitised letters, notes, and other materials.

Ernst Haeckel - Art Forms in Nature

Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) played an important role in making Darwin’s evolutionary theory known in Germany, and coined the phrase "Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny" as well as the term ecology.

Darwin Foundation

The mission of the Charles Darwin Foundation is to support scientific research and ecological education in the areas of the Galapagos Archipelago.

Evolution des Menschen (Terra X, 16.07.2008)

The evolution of mankind is presented by means of an interactive overview with film clips (based on a July 2008 episode from the television series Terra X).

Chance and Evolution ?!?

The internet guide contains a comprehensive pool of websites on Charles Darwin and on evolutionary biology. The web presence shown here in the 11th place is randomly chosen anew with every page request. Take a look at the pages collected in the subject pool, or read our tips for finding other internet resources.

Evolution Megalab

Abstract: Did you know that thanks to a common little snail that you can find in your garden, in the park or under a hedge, you can see evolution in your own back yard? OK, so evolution is a very slow process. Life on Earth started about three-and-a-half billion years ago! It's the tiny changes accumulating over a long, long time that got us here. And you can see some of those tiny steps by joining the Evolution MegaLab. [Information of the supplier]
The two species they are interested in are called Cepaea nemoralis and Cepaea hortensis.


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