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The vifabio Calendar of Conferences and Congresses provides an overview of the most important upcoming events in biology, in chronological order. Only larger conferences and congresses of several days' duration are considered. Please take advantage of the options on the right-hand side to refine the list of events.

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In two centuries of American ornithology, The Birds of North America (BNA) is only the fourth comprehensive reference covering the life histories of North American birds. This series provides detailed scientific for each of the 716 species of birds nesting in the USA and Canada. The print version of BNA ... [Information of the supplier, modified]
VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) is the world-wide bird photograph collection of The Academy of Natural Sciences. With more than 130,000 photographs representing over 6,650 species VIREO is the world's most comprehensive collection of ornithological images. (...) There are currently more than ... [Information of the supplier]
Das Birdnet-Magazin bietet aktuelle Informationen aus der Vogelwelt. Hier finden Vogelbeobachter alles, was sie interessiert: neueste Nachrichten aus Wissenschaft und Forschung - kurz und auf den Punkt gebracht; Meldungen zum wichtigen Bereich des Vogelschutzes mit dem Schwerpunkt Mitteleuropa; ... [Information des Anbieters]
New Zealand birds and birding offers extensive information about New Zealand's birds, endemic, native, introduced and extinct. The birds section features a gallery with extensive information about each New Zealand bird using the beautiful prints of the 18th and 19th centuries to illustrate each bird's ... [Information of the supplier]
OWL is a compilation of citations and abstracts from the worldwide scientific literature that pertain to the science of ornithology. A major attraction is its coverage of the 'grey' literature, which are not abstracted by commercial databases such as Zoological Record or the Science Citation Index. OWL ... [Information of the supplier]
Diese Site beschäftigt sich mit Vögeln der ganzen Welt. Es gibt Fotos, Videos und Gesang von vielen Vogelarten. Die lateinischen Namen der einzelnen Arten sind in diverse Sprachen, unter anderem auch ins englische und deutsche übersetzt. [Redaktion vifabio]
The pages provide information on all species which have officially occurred in a wild state in Britain and Ireland, along with a few species that escape regularly from bird collections (so might be seen). Where possible, the accounts derive from information from BTO surveys and links are given to the ... [Information of the supplier]
Das Buch „Migration of birds“, das zum ersten Mal 1935 erschienen ist, wird auf dieser Webseite in der überarbeiteten Version von 1998 als Online-Buch zugänglich gemacht. Thema ist der Vogelzug mit Schwerpunkt Nordamerika, u.a. werden auch Informationen zu Kurzstreckenziehern, Langstreckenziehern, ... [Redaktion vifabio]
The Bird Guide is part of a comprehensive offering of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and presents a taxonomic database of the most abundant bird species of North America. A search in the database can be made with English or scientific names; browsing in the species list is only possible with English ... [Editorial staff vifabio]
The Boreal Songbird Network is a network of conservation and birding groups including the American Bird Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Natural Resource Defense Council, National Audubon Society, Defenders of Wildlife, and others interested in raising awareness in the U.S. and ... [Information of the supplier]
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