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Special subject collection

The University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt am Main, looks after the special subject collection Biology, Botany, Zoology. It collects literature relevant to research worldwide. Altogether, 3500 biological journals are currently held and almost as many monographs are purchased annually.

The system of the German Research Foundation (DFG) sponsored special subject collections (SSG) ensures the trans-regional supply of scientific literature in Germany. The principle of co-operative acquisition and supply, that is still valid today, was a reaction to the financial needs of the libraries after the Second World War and was established with the first acquisition guidelines in 1949.

In part, the subject specialisation reaches further back. The Senckenberg library, one of the two forerunner libraries of the Frankfurt University Library, already housed the special subject area "Descriptive Sciences" during the Weimar Republic period.

According to a new approach by the DFG, the system of special subject collections will be transferred into a system of "Scientific Information Services" within the next few years. The special subject collection Biology, Botany, Zoology shall be replaced by a Scientific Information Service Biology in 2015. The Frankfurt University Library submitted a funding application for this transition.


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