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New acquisitions of vifabio’s partner libraries are listed here.

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2017-11-07 · Database 'Global Plants' via FID

JSTOR "Global Plants" is the world’s largest database of digitized plant specimens and a locus for international scientific research and collaboration. Our Specialised Information Service for Biodiversity Research (FID Biodiversitätsforschung) provides access on this database for staff of German scientific herbaria and botanical gardens. Now you can find more details (in German language) regarding access and registration for individual users here.

2017-10-04 · updated flyer available

A new version of the German language flyer presenting vifabio’s portfolio of services is available here for download. You can also find an English version on our page "Information material".

» vifabio flyer in German (562 KiB)

2017-03-30 · vifabio now online for 10 years

The Virtual Library of Biology (vifabio) went on-line on March 30, 2007. The vifabio team is very glad about this jubilee! The project has been co-funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) between 2006 and 2011, and has been extended continuously thereafter, albeit at a slower pace.

Currently, together with the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung and the Text Technology Lab of Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main), the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg is working to establish a "Specialised Information Service" for biodiversity research, co-funded by the DFG and expected to bring increasingly powerful technologies to support researches.

2017-01-26 · Project proposal for Specialised Information Services successful

In May 2016 we submitted a proposal to the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG) to support the creation of a Specialised Information Service (Fachinformationsdienst - FID) for biodiversity research. The proposers were the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg (which is vifabio's home institution), the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, and the Text Technology Lab of the Institute for Computer Science at the Goethe-Universität (Frankfurt am Main). In December our proposal was approved by the DFG and funding has been granted for a 3-year period. Thus, an innovative service will be established in the coming years, which has been designed in a stimulating process of interaction with the scientific community in Germany. Among the goals of the new FID for Biodiversity Research is a scheme for making content from the German biodiversity literature more accessible via digitisation and text mining.

2016-03-22 · Specialised Information Services currently being planned

Together with partners, the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main) is currently preparing a proposal to establish Specialised Information Services for biodiversity research. Find out more in our message to the German-speaking biology community (95 KiB, in German).

2014-05-13 · New vifabio search launched

Now, searching vifabio has become easier due to a new technology. The search interface provides some new functionality and has sorted out some issues with the earlier approach.

Links to full-texts, document delivery services and external catalogues are now shown in the result lists already, it isn't required any more to go to the detailed view of a specific hit. Other examples of new features are an option to limit search results to online full-texts (available in the "advanced search"), and a "permalink" which facilitates saving a search request and/or bookmarks for later repetition.
» more

2014-02-26 · Call on the scientific community

vifabio is the Web representation of the Special Subject Collection Biology which is the most comprehensive collection of biology literature in Germany. At present, our collection's co-funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is facing a fundamental reform. Therefore, we intend to transform our Special Subject Collection into a Scientific Information Service Biology.

For this transformation we depend on the cooperation of the scientific community. We do call on all members of the biology community in Germany to get involved and to express their needs. Please find details in our leaflet (95 KiB, in German).

2013-08-27 · Insight into German botanical journals 1753-1914

Our Digital Collections continue to grow: By now more than 100 different journals are online in our project for digitisation of German botanic journals. Some highlights from this collection are showcased at the vifabio homepage, such as Wilhelm Pfeffer's pioneering works in plant physiology, or new descriptions of species from Brazil.
» more

2013-01-17 · German botanical journals collection 1753-1914 in vifabio

Historical scientific literature remains an essential source for biodiversity research. Therefore, numerous botanical journals and other periodicals are being presented online by the University Library of Frankfurt, which holds the German special subject collection in biology, in conjunction with the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) library and 25 additional libraries. vifabio presents the digitised journals from this on-going project, which will number approximately 180 at its conclusion.
» more

"Overview of digitisation projects for historical literature" and "BioLib – digitised historical biology books" are now available under the "Digital collections" menu option.
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2012-12-12 · vifabioDOC awarded the DINI Certificate

vifabioDOC recently was awarded the "DINI Certificate 2010 for Document and Publication Services". The German Initiative for Network Information (DINI) is committed to improving the information and communication services in higher education institutions and learned societies and to foster international standards. In order to be awarded the DINI Certificate, a repository must meet requirements regarding several aspects such as visibility and quality of its services, policy, interfaces, and long-term availability.
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DINI Certificate 2010

2012-10-01 · vifabio’s new Calendar of Conferences and Congresses now available

Now, the vifabio Calendar of Conferences and Congresses provides an overview of the most important upcoming events in biology, in chronological order, covering the whole of biology.
» more

2012-03-15 · SearchLink Generator for our Virtual Catalogue

If you want to conduct a particular search in the Virtual Catalogue again, now you can save the search as a link. It is also possible to link to search results in the Virtual Catalogue from an external web site. To make this process easier, we have developed the SearchLink Generator.

Enter just the search terms and, after clicking on the “Generate search link” button, you will receive a permanent link that you can use. If necessary, special conditions (choosing particular target databases or fields) can be added with only a few mouse clicks.
» more

2011-12-20 · BioWebSearch relaunched

BioWebSearch reveals even more biological sciences content on the World Wide Web than vifabio’s Internet Guide. In contrast to generic search engines, results from BioWebSearch do not contain ads or off-topic content.

We have relaunched BioWebSearch with many improvements to the search technology under the hood and with new search functions, facilitating the discovery of high quality content for biologists. From now on, BioWebSearch results will be integrated into our Virtual Catalogue, thereby considerably increasing the number of openly accessible results.
» more

2011-07-31 · New help features available now!

During the last weeks, several help features on the vifabio website have been revised and completed. Now a glossary provides definitions and explanations for specific terms used on vifabio's web pages, covering about 40 terms related to information literacy in a wider sense.
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2011-06-29 · Over 2 million open access full-text publications from BASE now available in vifabio

The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is one of the leading search engines for open access academic publications. Until now, there has been no easy way to search just the publications specific to biology in this multidisciplinary service’s index of almost 30 million full-text publications. Now, there is a subject-specific excerpt with more than two million open access biology full-text publications integrated into vifabio. A single search in vifabio will now not only cover the already available catalogues and databases, but also numerous open access publications via the BASE subject excerpt.

Specifically, publications from the following open access databases relevant to biology are indexed and made discoverable through vifabio: PubMed Central (PMC), the Linnean Collections of the Linnean Society of London, the Tropicos database from the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Proceedings of the Taxonomic Database Working Group (TDWG) as well as the Opus databases of German universities (including vifabioDOC). Further repositories are constantly being added.
» more

2011-03-28 · Catalogue of the Entomological Library (SDEI) now in vifabio

Another special zoological library is in the Virtual Catalogue with the addition of the online library catalogue of the SDEI (Senckenberg German Entomological Institute) in Müncheberg. The Entomological Library is the foundation of an entomology information centre of international renown. Currently the catalogue only contains monographs and serials from 2005 onwards; addition of older titles is in preparation.
» more

2011-03-21 · vifabioDOC, the server for ePublications, has launched!

vifabioDOC is a new repository for biological epublications. Authors have the opportunity to submit their electronic publications to vifabioDOC and thereby make them permanently available worldwide. The publications on vifabioDOC are automatically indexed in many databases and search engines – naturally including the vifabio Virtual Catalogue. There are already more than 2,500 documents saved in vifabioDOC.
» more

2011-01-20 · Internet sources for the International Year of Forests

The United Nations declared 2011 to be the International Year of Forests. The United Nations Forum on Forests is the focal point for implementation of the campaign. vifabio has collected the most important Internet sources on this subject together.
» more

2010-12-21 · Internet Guide taken to the next level

Internet Guide search has been taken to the next level: "Did you mean" suggestions make sure that search terms are entered correctly, search results are sorted by relevance and a myriad of filters (drill-down) help with further refining them.

Organism names that appear in the Internet Guide’s search results are highlighted and are linked to their respective page in the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).

Searching vifabio’s Database Guide has been similarly optimised.
» Example search

2010-10-06 · vifabio User survey 2010

The vifabio team would like to know the portal's users better, and invites them to participate in the 2010 vifabio online survey. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete. User's responses are anonymous and there is no obligation to answer to all of the eight questions.
» go to questionnaire

2010-06-21 · Another state bibliography integrated: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

After vifabio already enhanced the findability of biogeographical information on regions of Germany with the Hessian Bibliography, the biological titles from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Bibliography have been integrated into the virtual catalogue. You can find the Bibliography under "German regional bibliographies" (on the right of the Advanced Search): check the box to include the Bibliography in your search.
» more

2010-06-14 · Now vifabio provides links to 40,000+ digitised books from BHL

By now, more than 40,000 digitised books with thirty million pages of fundamental taxonomical literature are available in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). Many titles from BHL's large pool have been integrated with other resources in vifabio's Virtual Catalogue since 2009, but the most recent additions in BHL have been missing. Now, we finished a major update in order to enable you to find those recent titles as well.
» Example hits: afri* flora
» more

2010-05-12 · Max Planck Institute for Ornithology new in vifabio

The library of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology has been integrated into the Virtual Catalogue. The collection includes topics like behavioural neurobiology, behavioural ecology and evolutionary genetics with a focus on birds. The recently integrated collection of the Ornithological Station Radolfzell has the main focus on bird ringing, bird migration and the biology of birds. You will find the MPI for Ornithology under the heading "Library catalogues" (on the righthand side of the search form); check the box to include it in your search.
» more

2010-05-03 · Catalogue of the Libraries at the Natural History Museum, Vienna, now in vifabio

The catalogue of Libraries at the Natural History Museum in Vienna is integrated, from now on, in vifabio's metasearch. Library holdings arose from Habsburg collections from the 18th century and currently contain approximately 200,000 titles, thereof 50,000 titles published before 1900.
» more

2010-02-16 · E-journals with information for authors

A link to the SHERPA list (= Securing a Hybrid Environment for Research Preservation and Access) has been integrated into the detailed view of each E-journal. Clicking the link "SHERPA" (SHERPA/RoMEO) will produce information about publisher copyright and self-archiving policies for all E-journals comprised in SHERPA.
» Example

2010-01-18 · Internet sources for the International Year of Biodiversity

The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. vifabio has collected the most important Internet sources on this subject together: explore biodiversity online with vifabio!
» more

2009-12-14 · New discoveries made possible with links in the Internet Guide

Browsing resources in a particular topic with the Internet Guide is now easier: the link "» find similar sources!", found in the detailed view of each hit under "Subject", leads to further hits that are similar to the first. There are also further possibilities to browse by topic under the Subject tab.
» Example hits
» Browsing

2009-11-02 · AnimalBase integrated into vifabio’s search

From now on, with the integration of AnimalBase's title data, this important digitization project for early zoological literature is accessible via vifabio's Virtual Catalogue.
The project's objective is to provide free access particularly to those important publications where zoological names were originally established.
» more

2009-10-20 · New acquisitions lists of ThULB, Jena

The acquisitions lists of the biological catalogue of the Thuringian University and State Library Jena (ThULB) are also available now.
» more

2009-10-13 · Biological catalogue Jena, including herbarium library, now in vifabio

The biological catalogue of the Thuringian University and State Library Jena (ThULB) is integrated, from now on, in vifabio's metasearch. The library's collections include the estates of several famous biologists who lectured and worked in Jena, like the zoologist and evolutionary biologist Ernst Haeckel, the anatomist and evolutionary biologist Dietrich Starck, the botanist Carl Haussknecht, the bryologist Riclef Grolle and others. Especially the ThULB’s section library Herbarium Haussknecht offers an extraordinarily comprehensive selection of botanical literature, focusing on systematic botany and plant geography.
» more

2009-09-29 · Custom-made news about the latest journal articles

With our new service myCCBio, you can regularly receive tables of contents for newly published journal issues as e-mails, for free. You can choose as many as you like from the journal titles included in our Catalogue of articles (OLC) [Info]. The offering is not restricted to journal titles of a certain publisher, rather it provides a very large pool of important biological journals (ca. 1500 titles in total). The designation myCCBio stands for my Current Contents Biology; the service has been set up in cooperation with HeBIS.
» myCCBio-Start

2009-07-02 · Easily check a journal's table of contents

Starting from an article in the database OLC clicking the link "Table of contents for this issue" the TOC of the corresponding journal can be reached easily. "All articles in this journal” links to a list of all articles of this journal documented in the database OLC.
» more

2009-06-19 · Biological Abstracts & Zoological Record integrated into vifabio’s search

The nationally licensed data from Biological Abstracts (up to 2004) and the Zoological Record (up to 2007) are now searchable in the Virtual Catalogue. With a single query, searches can be simultaneously carried out in Biological Abstracts, in the Zoological Record, and in all other already incorporated data sources. Access is available to all academic institutions in Germany
» more
» To the Virtual Catalogue

2009-06-09 · Catalogue of articles (OLC) expanded significantly

Data on about 800,000 journal articles published before 1998 have been added to the Catalogue of articles (OLC) which is part of vifabio's Virtual Catalogue. Now 2.8 million articles from the most important journals in biology can be found by searching vifabio.
» more

2009-05-06 · Custom-made link collections with myBioLinks

myBioLinks allows seamless integration of hyperlink lists from vifabio's Internet Guide into your own web pages. We care for the collection being up-to-date. You have several configuration options, regarding choice of topics, language of output, provision of abstracts and so on.
» more (only in German - but English version coming soon)

2009-03-11 · New flyer

A new flyer - now for the first time in English language too - presenting vifabio’s offers is available here for download.
» vifabio flyer (230 KiB)

2009-02-18 · New acquisitions lists

The acquisitions lists of Marine fisheries SUB Hamburg are also available now.
» more

2009-02-03 · Biodiversity Heritage Library integrated into vifabio’s search

From now on, with the import of BHL's title data, the world's most important digitization project for biological literature is accessible via vifabio's Virtual Catalogue. BHL is a group of ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions. They have over 10 million pages of key taxonomic literature available on the web.
» more

2009-01-20 · Web resources concerning Darwin and evolutionary biology

In 2009 the two hundredth birthday of Charles Darwin, the founder of evolutionary biology, is celebrated. vifabio has compiled the most important web resources and other information (sorry, only in German)
» more

2008-11-25 · Hessische Bibliographie

The biological segment of the Hessische Bibliographie (Hessian Bibliography) has been integrated into the Virtual Catalogue, providing data on publications related to this region from 1977 onwards. In the future, more regional bibliographies shall follow in order to improve retrievability of the biogeographical literature with regional focus on parts of Germany. You will find the Hessische Bibliographie under the heading “German regional bibliographies” (on the righthand side of the search form); check the box to include it in your search.
» more

2008-11-03 · Marine Fisheries SUB Hamburg

The catalogue of the special subject collection "Marine and Coastal Fisheries" of the State and University Library Hamburg (SUB Hamburg) has been integrated into the Virtual Catalogue; including data of scientific publications about fisheries, production of fish and other useful marine and coastal organisms.
» more

2008-10-21 · New browser plug-in

... to integrate BioWebSeach in your browser toolbar is available.
» more

2008-10-01 · BioWebSearch is online

The benefit of vifabio`s Internet Guide - quality checked internet sites with subject indexing - combined with a fulltext search within the contents of sites, this is BioWebSearch
Nature of the year or special questions of biochemistry: with this tool relevant websites are found more easily in the pool of vifabio’s Internet Guide. BioWebSearch includes 160.000 sites und will be updated regularly.
» more

2008-09-02 · New flyer

A new flyer (sorry, only in German) presenting vifabio’s offers is available here for download.
» vifabio flyer (420 KiB)

2008-06-26 · BioLIS integrated into vifabio’s search

With BioLIS, another article database has been integrated into the Virtual Catalogue. BioLIS covers journal articles published in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, complementing Biological Abstracts with regional literature not covered therein.
» more

2008-06-19 · Short URL

From now on datasets of vifabio’s Internet Guide are accessible by short and unique URL;
for example:

2008-03-20 · PubMed integrated in vifabio’s search

PubMed database has been integrated in the Virtual Catalogue; including data of articles of about 4600 biomedical journals. If possible data of articles link to the Electronic Journal Library (EZB) to facilitate access to full texts.
» more

2008-02-29 · Ordering of literature improved

In the detailed view of many of the books retrieved by searching vifabio’s Virtual Catalogue a link to subito, a document delivery service, has now been integrated.

A link to ZDB ("Zeitschriftendatenbank", the world’s largest specialised database for serial titles) and a link to help have been added on the detailed view of journal articles – links to Electronic Journals Library (EZB) and subito had already been implemented. The ZDB informs the user about the libraries which have holdings of the printed journal and facilitates inter-library loan.

2008-02-15 · New flyer

A new flyer (sorry, only in German) presenting vifabio’s offers is available here for download.
» vifabio flyer (230 KiB)

2008-02-13 · New gateway to databases

From now on, any user who is an inhabitant of Germany and who isn't pursuing commercial interests may search the latest updates of Biological Abstracts and Zoological Record for biological literature. This is made possible through our new pay-per-use gateway in vifabio.
» more

2007-09-07 · Search entry Virtual Catalogue

In order to assist the integration of vifabio`s Virtual Catalogue search in your website we offer the HTML-code of the search box. The equivalent for internet guide has been established already.
» more

A plug-in to integrate vifabio’s search in your browser toolbar is offered too.
» more

2007-09-03 · New flyer

A new flyer (sorry, only in German) presenting vifabio’s offers is available here for download.
» vifabio flyer (205 KiB)

2007-08-31 · Internet resources

vifabio’s Internet Guide with currently 1100 quality-checked links to biological internet resources including 420 databases has been integrated into the Virtual Catalogue.
» more

2007-06-26 · New acquisitions lists

In addition to the new acquisitions lists of the library Johann Christian Senckenberg the lists of Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum (BGBM) Berlin-Dahlem, Freie Universität Berlin and Leibniz-Institut für Pflanzengenetik Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK), Gatersleben, are also available now. Moreover the list of the 20 most recently added books in BioLib is shown.
» more

2007-05-18 · Online Contents

Data of about 1.65 million biological articles of 1895 biological journals as from 1998 have been integrated in the Virtual Catalogue. Most of the articles link to document delivery service subito (with costs) and the Electronic Journal Library (EZB) to provide comfortable access to full texts.
» more

2007-03-30 · vifabio is Online!

The Virtual Library of Biology has been online since the 30th of March 2007 and provides central access to biological literature and information – for scientists and students, but also for all interested in biology.

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