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About vifabio

Virtual Library of Biology Project

The Virtual Library of Biology project presents its concept and objectives. » more

Contact persons

The vifabio project staff of the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt/Main are listed here.

Project partners

The project is supported by partners e.g. other libraries and biological organisations. They are presented here.

Special subject collection

The special subject collection Biology, Botany, Zoology of the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg, Frankfurt am Main, with its large holdings forms the basis of the virtual library. » more


In the virtual library, BioDDC is used for thematic characterisation of biological publications (books, articles, internet resources, ...) » more

What's new?

New products, for example, of databases, internet resources, access conditions and new acquisitions lists of the libraries are listed here.

Information material, Link & Logo

Publications, press releases, logo and other items are available here for downloading.

Imprint and terms of use

Legal references concerning copyright, terms of use and disclaimer are listed here.


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